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Julia Diller an established and professional painter from Los Angeles. Her Atelier serves as her art studio and school where she has provided instruction to many advanced artists. She is a classically trained romantic realist painter. She has been inspired by the great masters; John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, Peder Severin Krøyer, Rembrandt van Rijn, and William Bouguereau.

Julia’s eclectic but meticulously tuned skillset allow her to maintain the essence of her distinct style on any project, whether it be a figurative, still life, portrait, or landscape piece. Julia’s work has been displayed in galleries around the country and featured in magazines like Fine Art Connoisseur and Art Collector Magazine.

Raised in Cincinnati Ohio and brought up to appreciate the arts; the museums were close enough to regularly attend. I was fascinated by the huge sculptures, fountains and architecture but nothing lured me in more than the paintings painted by the great masters! Stunning and beautiful they were and I was greatly inspired. The works of John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, Kroyer, William Bourgoueax , Alma te Dema , Sorolla. The great masters with their ever so romantic view of life!!!

Ever so hard to find a realist education I had to hold off until 1980’s where finally I was able to join a wonderful Atelier (realism was underground abstract was the norm) after going to junior college for a few years studying the arts and art history. But it was at atelier Academy of Art L.A. (aka associates in art) that after 4 years of study learned many skills of the greats. My life long dream!

After 10 years I have opened my own Atelier, newly named Atelier of Fine Art since 2010 and pass these lessons forward to generations both new and old.

My professional work is produced in oil and I am represented in Charleston South Carolina at Atelier Gallery on King Street the art district. I paint everyday on holidays and weekends because it is my passion. My work represents the very essence of love. My message is simple and paintings are timeless. As an artist I leave behind these works and messages of romance and stories of love. What greater power is there in the universe. Love is the most powerful feeling as it can propel us into success, cure illness, open doors to true adventure and magic. There is no greater source. Here is to a life full of magic!

• 1997-2001 Associates in Art – Atelier in Los Angeles 4 years, under Mark Westermoe
• 1994-1997 LAVC AA

• 2015 Robert Lange Gallery RLG Charleston “Gold and Silver” “Queen of Hearts”
• 2014 “Women Painting Women” Principle Gallery Charleston internationally juried
• 2014 Representation: The Atelier Gallery Charleston
• 2012 “Love Notes” solo show Monet’s Gardens
• 2012 Tag Gallery Ex”California Open” juried show
• 2011 “Red and Redder….” Holiday collective show
• 2011-2012 Art director at Monet’s Gardens 4 shows
• 2011 “Masquerade” top 100 category for realism in ACOPL (American Chinese Oil Painting League)
• 2010-2011 Rive Gauche – Scottsdale gallery collective
• 2009 Satsuma Gallery juried show “Summer Solstice”
• 2009-2010 Four solo Shows in Sherman Oaks ” Katherine”
• 2009-2010 Sherman Oaks Grossman Burn Center circle of life shows(2) for charity gallery events

Magazine exposure:
• 2014 Fine art Connoisseur Magazine on line subscription featuring: Masque d’ I: Flight
• 2013 “Masquerade I : Flight “ ACOPL placed
• 2012 “Masquerade I: Flight” California Open in Bergamot Station
• 2011 Art Collector Magazine “Anna”

  • Painting is my deepest connection with love. To me love is the most powerful tool we hold. So powerful indeed; it goes beyond us and lives for eternity.